Service Streaming

We work with an exclusive provider, Obitus, to offer service streaming and recording services so that families can capture funeral services for those who cannot physically attend. Services are captured by a discreetly located camera at the back of the chapel, allowing friends and families to be a part of the service without ever leaving their home.

To organise and order a live streaming and/or recording of the service, please contact your Funeral Director.

Please download our Cremation Price List for a full range of webcasting and visual tribute services available.

For information about how to personalise a funeral, visit this page


Top Tips for Streaming Viewing

  • We recommend that you test your connection ahead of the service viewing to ensure you can log in to the system correctly. Check the internet connection to your device is stable and good quality – you’ll get the best results from a wired network.

  • Enter your log in details by cutting and pasting from the notification email rather than re-typing the codes (that way you’ll avoid mistyping these).

  • Try to avoid watching your service stream on mobile data connections and use Wi-Fi if at all possible.

  • Please ensure that any updates or background tasks on your device have been cleared or completed – it is possible that these may interfere with the connection.

  • If sharing a Wi-Fi connection with other devices, it’s sensible to ask other users not to use the internet whilst you are watching the service - this may interfere with your connection.

  • If your service stream view is static or does not start on time, try to refresh your browser.